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The forms of recycling: 

Recycling is the process of taking materials that have been used and turning them into new products. Thus creating less waste. Recycling can be beneficial for the environment as well as the community you live in.

Recycling has many benefits; it creates jobs in the factories and industries who carry out the actual recycling process, it saves energy and reduces waste, it conserves natural resources by reusing the already made materials, It reduces pollution in the air by stopping the burning of plastic and water pollution by taking the waste to the factories rather than dumping them out in the ocean.

Another form of recycling is up-cycling. Many people may not be familiar with this type of process. This is the process of taking materials that cannot be recycled or that cause too many solution and waste to recycling and creating something new out of them. For example, taking plastic bottles and creating fun pencil holders out of them. So, instead of throwing away the plastic that is going to be burned, you renovate it and continue using it.

The basics of recycling:

  1. Glass Recycling: Glass is crushed and remelted so that it can be formed/shaped into different things. The glass that is contaminated need to be purified and cleansed. In the case of colored glass, they require separation by color because glass tends to retain its color after recycling.
  2. Plastic Recycling: The majority of plastic is non-biodegradable. That is why recycling is a part of the global efforts to reduce plastic in the waste stream. This is where water pollutions mainly come from. Because of how hard the material is to recycle, even recycled plastic has new plastic material added in. The same piece of plastic can only be recycled about 2–3 times before its quality decreases to the point where it can no longer be used.
  3. Paper Recycling: One of the main reasons that recycling paper is very beneficial is that paper fiber contains carbon, recycling keeps the carbon locked up for longer and out of the atmosphere. The process of recycling is done by mixing old paper with water to break it down. Then it is cut up and heated. It is strained through screens, de-inked, bleached, and mixed with water. Then it is turned into a new recycled paper.
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October 29, 2020