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EHFAAZ RECYCLING is launching a fully recycled range of products that will transform the way we think about recycling, re-use, and circularity.

EHFAAZ: Set to launch the first ever fully recycled car wash in the region (and more)!

Dubai, October 11th, 2022 – Ehfaaz is excited to announce the launch of Reproco, a range of products such as Car wash, surface disinfectant, compost amongst others that will transform the way we view the circular economy. The official launch date for Reproco is January 2023

In an effort to accelerate the transition towards a more circular economy, Ehfaaz is consolidating its multiple solutions into the Recycled Products Company (REPROCO). Ehfaaz believes that Reproco will not only be a breakthrough in the recycling industry but will also encourage companies to recycle more responsibly. REPROCO will initially supply the market with car wash, surface disinfectants, and compost made entirely from materials that would otherwise have gone to landfills.

Ehfaaz is going to display its first commercial scale REPROCO products in November during the 2022 Gulf Food Manufacturing event. They will display compost made entirely from packaged foods that can be found in any household refrigerator, car wash made from consumer shampoos and conditioners, and surface disinfectant made from common body splash and perfumes, which can kill 99% of germs.

Giving used resources a new life is the basic moto that inspired Ehfaaz Recycling to launch Reproco. This is key to build a sustainable future and we need to collaborate with big and small enterprises to ensure recycling in the Middle East is done the right way. Together, we can create a truly circular economy that will reverse climate change while also benefiting the economy.

Contact Information: marketing@ehfaaz.ae