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Can cardboard containers and boxes be recycled?

Yes, examples of recyclable cardboard containers are some egg cartons, cereal boxes, and shoe boxes. 

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Are paper and cardboard takeout containers recyclable?

It depends on how much food is left on them. Try rinsing or scraping the residue off to clean it. “Spatula-clean” is clean enough to recycle. Otherwise, containers contaminated with food cannot be recycled. 

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Can I recycle mail?

Yes, even envelopes with plastic windows can be recycled.

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Can I recycle pizza boxes?

Yes, pizza boxes can be recycled, even if they have grease in them. 

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Can I recycle magazines?

Yes, magazines can be recycled.

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Can I recycle newspapers?

Yes, newspapers can be recycled.

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What is recycling?

Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community, the economy and the environment.

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Is recycling truly beneficial for the environment?

Recycling conserves energy and natural resources. For example: Recycling one ton of office paper can save the energy equivalent of consuming 322 gallons of gasoline. Recycling just one ton of aluminum cans conserves more than 152 million Btu, the equivalent of 1,024 gallons of gasoline or 21 barrels of oil consumed. Recycling just 10 plastic bottles […]

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What is EHFAAZ?

Ehfaaz derived from Arabic Word “Hafez” (to protect) is founded with the sole purpose of creating & simplifying recycling solutions within UAE to protect & recover our resources. It is a high tech recycling center focused on organic waste transformation to compost.

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