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Recycling turns waste into a resource by transforming old materials into something new. We turn beverage contents to ethanol or recycled water!

This process uses fewer raw materials, requires less energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And by keeping beverage containers out of our landfills, we extend the lives of those landfills. Recycling beverage containers also prevents our beautiful city from being littered with bottles and cans.

Efficiently recycle unopened beverage containers with a fully-automated system for producing high quality secondary materials. Our state of the art machinery is designed for the speedy and hygienic destruction of your un used beverage cans of any packaging – glass, tetrapak, PET, aluminum, etc.

Used beverage containers can turn into valuable support for charities and community groups.

Our goal is to take the pain out of beverage crushing and recycling, that means that not only is Ehfaaz better for your bottom line and safer for your staff, it’s also better for the planet.

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