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Ehfaaz derived from Arabic Word “Hafez” (to protect) is founded with the sole purpose of creating & simplifying recycling solutions within UAE to protect & recover our resources.

Ehfaaz is redefining the recycling landscape in Dubai. We leverage automation across all our business lines to give used/expired resources a new life.

Our Vision is to be the most innovative recycling company on the planet.

Our Mission is to give used resources a new life.

Our Values


We look to give you endless Wow! moments.


We aim for Mars and reach for the stars.


Our favorite phrase is "Win/Win"


We are One Big Family.


We have our GPS coordiantes set and we won't stop until we reach our destination.


We believe there are 1000 WAYS to make a shawarma.


We strive to help you adhere to industry regulations so you can reduce those pesky fines.

Our Permits and Certifications